How To Find Work You Love

Recently on the Jim Rome Show (9/12/16),  Bob Myers, General Manager of the Golden State Warriors, was on discussing his brother-in-law.

This TED talk by the late Scott Dinsmore is well worth the watch:

Success has nothing to do with money. Being successful is about people that know you the best, love you the most.” – Bob Myers, General Manager Golden State Warriors

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The Fine Line

I love this response by Steve Kerr in regards to Curry and Thompson and their shooting ability and shot selection.

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors Head Coach – Game 6 Postgame Interview

I think at all levels “what is a good shot” is discussed by coaching staffs for each player. Time, score and momentum are all factors in what makes a good shot.

Coaches, let’s get the conversation started as to what is a good shot for you and/or your offensive system. Please leave feedback below.

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NBA Conference Finals: Open Court

Here are a few thoughts on the NBA Conference Finals:

– Isn’t it amazing how fast momentum can turn in a series? A famous saying in baseball is that “you are only as good as today’s starting pitching”. Maybe basketball’s version should be “you are only as good as you are when you are making shots”.

– All the pressure is now on the Thunder. If they lose game six, all bets are off. Durant and Westbrook could go from dominating a the best regular season team ever in a short series to losing a 3-1 lead in dramatic fashion. If they lose a 3-1 lead, the narrative will certainly change to “still can’t get win the big one” instead of “it’s their time and they are the most explosive duo to possibly ever play together.”

– If you are Coach Billy Donovan, you have to like the effort his team played with in Game 5 last night. It would have been easy for OKC to mail it in and say let’s win Game 6 at home. Instead, even with under a minute left, Westbrook rebounded his own free throw miss and kicked it to Durant who had a clean look at a 3pt shot, which would have cut the lead to a one possession game. It was great to see OKC’s bench reaction to Durant’s miss. They all gave him five and knew they were just a few plays away from stealing the game and closing out the series.

– Why does Draymont Green feel the need to kick everytime he jumps for a rebound/shot?

– The Raptors have been in this situation before. You know after Gam 2 when nobody gave them a chance to win. It should be interesting to see what kind of resolve they come out with tonight at home vs. Cleveland.

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Texas Two Step

Here are two articles from Texas newspapers regarding last night’s NBA playoff series:

This article by Brad Townsend discusses how Dirk Nowitzki did not get enough shots after a fast start last evening and will continue not to as the series continues – Thunder at Mavericks:

This piece by Jenny Dial Creech points out how Donatas Motiejunas intensity and nastiness was a huge factor in the Rockets home victory against the Curry-less Warriors last night – Warriors at Rockets:

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