“Necessary Roughness” Gruden Article October 2002

GrudenThis is an article titled “Necessary Roughness” I have kept on hand since late 2002. It was from Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, which I borrowed from one of my flights when I was doing camp.

With Coach Jon Gruden back with the Raiders, it a perfect time to re-evaluate his approach to the game.

The first question and answer from the interview portion of the article is all you need to know about Coach Gruden.

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Quotes from the NFL’s Greatest

MandyAntoniacci of Inc. magazine provides some inspirational quotes as the NFL opening weekend kicks off on Sunday.

28 of the Greatest Quotes From NFL Legends
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Running Out of Time: Clock Management

Here is Michael McKnight’s article from the August 29th, 2016 issue of Sports Illustrated regarding clock management in the NFL.

Article link: Second Nature

Even at the highest level, mistakes are made in critical junctures of the game. It is our responsibility as coaches to ensure that our players are comfortable playing in a multitude of scenarios in the critical moments of competition, no matter what your sport is.

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Quotes from an NFL Coach

Herm_Edwards_1Here are three awesome quotes by Former New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs Head Football Coach, Herman Edwards:

“A plan that can’t be changed, is a bad plan.”

“Your problems are never bigger than your purpose.”

“A goal without a plan is a wish.”

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In Retrospect: Chip Kelly

With Chip Kelly’s firing just hours ago, it reminded me of an article that was written about him earlier this year:

Chip Kelly’s fearless coaching mind driving Eagles’ roster overhaul –  5/25/15 – Greg Bedard

Then you have tonight’s article on his firing:

Chip Kelly’s sudden firing suggests some difficult truths – 12/29/15

So which is true? Is he a genius ahead of his time or someone who’s vision how football is to be played at the NFL level is not sustainable?

Either way, he did it his way and was supported by the front office during his brief tenure. As a head coach, that is all you can ask for. Although, I’m sure he wishes he had another year.

Don’t we all.

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Chip Kelly’s Master Plan

Check out this article by Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bedard on Head Coach Chip Kelly of the Philadelphia Eagle and his massive overhaul of his team’s roster.


Head coaches have to make TOUGH decisions about how their rosters shape up, which includes letting go/cutting franchise favorites, great teammates and friends. However, head coaches/general managers need to have free reign to do what they see fit and build the team in their vision, since owners/management/fans patience are ultra thin in the “what have you done for me lately” world of professional sports.

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