New Year’s Eve – 11:00am Post

These are some of the book summaries I have shared in the past:

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A Friendly Basketball Dictator – Eldon Price (GREAT!)


Notes from Eldon Price’s “A Friendly Basketball Dictator”


Here is a special treat for you today.

I recently spoke to Coach Eldon Price, author of his new book “A Friendly Basketball Dictator: Non-Traditional Ideas, Opinions and Insights from 47 Years of Coaching”” and he encouraged me to share these notes with all of you. Coach Price’s book was just released in mid-January 2014 so this is hot off the press!

These notes are just some of the coaching nuggets I found interesting throughout Coach Price’s book. However, to get the full effect, I do encourage you to buy it for your own coaching library. I have included the ISBN for your convenience in the notes.

Please enjoy these notes and share with your coaching colleagues.

As always I appreciate your interest and any thoughts/feedback you give I will make sure Coach Price gets them. I know he will enjoy hearing from coaches from around the globe about his almost half a century in the game.

— A Friendly Basketball Dictator Notes by Eldon Price