Quotes from the Jungle: Tigers, Huskies and Cougars

Here are some insights from some of the best college football coaches in the game today:

On the experience of the coaching profession: “You have to enjoy the whole journey. Enjoy all it. You have to enjoy the bad, you have to enjoy the good.” – Dabo Swinney, Clemson Tigers Head Football Coach (August 23, 2016 – Jim Rome Show)

On defining yourself in regards to your coaching career: “My identity is not tied up in being a football coach or being the coach at Clemson. My identity is tied up to who I am as a man, and being a father to three sons, and being a husband and being a good citizen, you know, trying to serve my community. That’s what my identity is tied up in. I love coaching football, I’m passionate about it, that’s what I do. But I’m so much more than that.” – Dabo Swinney, Clemson Tigers Head Football Coach (August 23, 2016 – Jim Rome Show)

On building a program and the patience it requires: “I think the results are probably slower to come than we had hoped for and expected. You know, it’s been an awesome, and a hard, and a frustrating, and a rewarding two and a half years. And what I mean by that is that, this just a tough process. And I think a lot of times when you come in from the outside and your trying to establish your way of doing things it just takes some darn time to get things done. After two and a half years, we feel like the process is in place and we feel really good about it.” Chris Petersen, Washington Huskies Head Football Coach (August 18, 2016 – Jim Rome Show)

On keeping players focused despite social media: “It’s hard because they’re bombarded with messages each and every day. The social media is a blessing and a curse. It allows us to get our message out to our fans and recruits but it also bombards our players.I think our culture is so insulating though that I’d be a fool to think that our guys didn’t hear it but, the thing I’m probably most proud of is that they don’t listen to it. They understand that our goals internally are the only ones that matter and that our goals will never change. It doesn’t matter what last years team did or how good last years team was. What matters is this is the 2016 team and quite frankly we haven’t done anything yet.” – Tom Herman, Houston Cougars Head Football Coach (August 18, 2016 – Jim Rome Show)

“You can win as many games as you want but if the culture is not there it’s not sustainable.” – Tom Herman, Houston Cougars Head Football Coach (August 18, 2016 – Jim Rome Show)

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Dabo Swinney & The Clemson Way

Here is an article from the most recent AFCA Magazine that features on Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Football program.

AFCA Magazine – Eye of the Tigers – Paul Markgraff – May-June 2016

I think his sentiment regarding relationship and culture building stood out for me the most.

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Second Time Around…

With Oklahoma facing off against Clemson this year in the College Football Playoffs, it is lasts year’s game that is getting lots of attention.

In last year’s Russell Athletic Bowl, Clemson romped Oklahoma 40-6 (and was leading 40-0 after the 3rd quarter) and commentator’s were harsh in their criticism of Oklahoma (Clemson Blows Out Oklahoma).

This aside, it reminds me when I was the Head Women’s Basketball Coach of Penn State University – Beaver Campus and during the 2010-2011 season we beat Penn State University – Brandywine, 54-49, at home in a game were we were up by double digits throughout but let them creep back in it at the end.

We then went on to face them in our conference championship game at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pa. After leading by 10 points at the half and expanding our lead, Brandywine came all the way back to stun us, 57-54, and crush our seniors chances of winning four straight postseason conference championships. It was a heart breaking game as a coach, because I felt as though any adjustments I made to help our team keep momentum was futile. I could see the momentum slipping away but could not do much to help our cause.

I am not sure, maybe Brandywine used some external motivations as Oklahoma is using against Clemson (other than just wanting to win a championship, of course).

Do you recall any rivalries where team’s faced off against each other in the same season or in consecutive seasons that the outcome was different? The same? External motivations?

Please give your feedback below to share with other coaches and fans.

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