Fast Draw – Warm Up Drill & Box and 1 Set

Check out this warm up drill to work on getting your team loose and running the floor/converting early in practice. Coaches can add a consecutive makes element (i.e. “perfection”) and/or time to complete the drill efficiently.

This is the Box and 1 action I have used during my tenure at Penn State Beaver to get my best shooter a look or create a “2 on 1”.

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Fast Draw – CU Clippers Flash Zone Offense

Concordia University (NY) Women’s Basketball used this zone set against Philly U on 1-5-16.

The set really puts pressure on the middle of the zone and allows movement to come from the weak side where the defense really has to be aware of multiple cuts to the interior of the zone.

Video link:


FastDraw – ISO Triple Baseline Horns Entry

This entry is great to get into your horns or hi/lo offense.

It incorporates an ISO, triple baseline screen action, big-to-big screen, flat pick and flows into pick and pop action,  hi/lo action, or Horns offense.

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The Post Up Game: Don’t Call it a Comeback (or Call it a Comeback?)!

Thanks to Joe Ticotsky of the CT Starters for sharing this article with me the other day. 

Great read — Makes you think about what analytics are really telling us and that sometimes a good ‘ol fashion high percentage post up IS the best shot!

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Notes from the Final Four on Men’s Basketball Hoop Scoop

Thanks to Coach Peterman and Men’s basketball Hoop Scoop for sharing some of my notes from my recent trip to the Women’s Final Four in Tampa, FL.'s_Final_Four_Logo

Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 55

I once again had the opportunity to contribute to Basketball Coach Weekly which is a resource for youth and high school basketball coaches to help improve their programs.

This weekly features pieces on plays, drills, coaching philosophy, motivation, team management and much more, the combination of X’s and O’s with real-life coaching situations makes Basketball Coach Weekly a must-read for coaches.

You can find out more at

Check out Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 55 which contains insight from editor Mike Austin and John O’Sullivan from Changing The Game Project.


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Recent Publications

Here are some recent articles and plays that I have published. I wanted to put them all together for your convenience. Enjoy!

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