Flash on My Mind

Over the past week, I have had the fortune to see some of my former players and parents of my AAU team, the South County Flash.

My wife, daughter and I had the chance to visit the Fleming’s in Narragansett, Rhode Island. It was great to see one of my former players, Bridget, “coaching” up my daughter Amara and getting her to drop her “shy guy” front and show her 3 year old persona.


Then last night, I had the chance to help a former player’s (Jordan) father, Kevin Delaney, X and O. Coach Delaney, the Head JV Coach at the Prout School, was going to be facing a 1-3-1 zone defense and wanted some insights of things I have done at the college level to combat that scheme.

What I took from these two experiences is the impact that I have had on my former players and parents AND the impact they have had on me.

That is the main reason that I love coaching.

Sure the competition is great and I am always looking to improve myself and my team. However, it is the lifetime relationships that mean the most to me. Having an extended family and true people who care for you and vice versa, is what it is all about for me (see former post “The Drive” for another story on a former S.C. Flash alumane).

It also reminds me of some of the places and games that I have coached. Hawkeye Arena, Carnesecca Arena, Bryce Jordan Center, Western Illinois, Marshall, The RAC, etc. However, it all started with middle school kids who wanted to have fun, get better and loved the game.

It puts the game in perspective and is a motivator for me to continue to improve daily and get back on the sidelines.

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Fast Draw – Warm Up Drill & Box and 1 Set

Check out this warm up drill to work on getting your team loose and running the floor/converting early in practice. Coaches can add a consecutive makes element (i.e. “perfection”) and/or time to complete the drill efficiently.


This is the Box and 1 action I have used during my tenure at Penn State Beaver to get my best shooter a look or create a “2 on 1”.


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Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 107 – DeSalvo Article

I recently published an article for Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 107 regarding AAU/High School student-athletes transferring to other programs.

I would like to thank all of those who were kind enough to give their feedback on this topic for this publication.

I appreciate Mark Katarski (Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Seton Hill University), Dave Saur (Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, UMass-Lowell) and Jeff Osterman (Associate Head Women’s Basketball Coach, University of South Florida) for their expertise and perspective on this subject matter. Their opinions and experiences give the article a tremendous amount of credibility.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Joe Ticotsky, Director of the CT Starters AAU program. I respect Coach Ticotsky’s opinion immensely and it is one that parents and players should also strongly consider.

Lastly, another special thanks to Ulysses Garcia and Heather Glezen, Co-Directors of the CT Attack AAU program who I had some great conversations with about this topic and helped inspire me to write this piece.

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Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 84

Here is an article I wrote for Basketball Coach Weekly: Distinguish Players In 5 Steps

This piece discusses ways that High School and AAU coaches can help their players attract attention and distinguish themselves during the recruiting process.


~Coach DeSalvo