Quotes from the NFL’s Greatest

MandyAntoniacci of Inc. magazine provides some inspirational quotes as the NFL opening weekend kicks off on Sunday.

28 of the Greatest Quotes From NFL Legends
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Make the Big Time Where You Are – Frosty Westering – Book Notes

Here are book notes on, Make the Big Time Where You Are, by Frosty Westering.

This book was recommended to me by a former coach, Bill Mahan, who was on the men’s staff when I was at Penn State – Beaver.


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The Finish Line (Video)

Here is a great inspirational video about perseverance and the true definition of commitment to a program and coach.

“The Finish Line”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrTtDxd-4iY

“It’s purely your decision to be champions or not.” – Coach Jim Tracy, San Francisco University HS Girls Cross Country Head Coach

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A Short Thank You Note to Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Coach Kelsey,

Thank you for having the courage to call your players out and women’s basketball in general. This needed to be said and I hope you have received positive feedback from others involved in women’s basketball for your sentiment.

Simply stated and passionate.

All the best,

~Bert DeSalvo

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