More Legendary than Peyton

With Super Bowl L (L is roman numeral 50) on the horizon, one of the narratives is how Peyton Manning may be able to ride off into the sunset, like his boss, John Elway did.

Manning, at age 39, broke into the league in 1998 with the Colts and the rest is NFL history.

However, there is even an more remarkable story of greatness and longevity in pro sports…it’s called Jaromir Jagr.

Jagr, who is currently 43 (44 in February) has his team in first place in their division and ranks second in points and goals on the Florida Panthers. Jagr has been on an NHL roster since 1990. He will soon compete at the NHL All-Star game once again.

Jagr may be know for his mullet, big smile and his early 90’s Penguins Stanley Cup championship teams. However, his work ethic is should not be overlooked and his late night routine has become legendary.

Just as fans flocked to catch Kobe and Peyton his season, be sure to go see Jagr in person this season before it’s too late.

Then again, he may have several great years left.

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