Charlie Spoonhour – Defensive Thoughts/Notes

“What we are trying to do is interrupt what you are doing. We want to destroy your comfort level, to take away what you want to do.”

“If you don’t run back and get your defense set, people will score against you while you are disorganized and that’s when you are going to get beat.”

“I think the reason why you have a problem with transition defense is that your team is mad.”

“We always pressure the ball, no matter who catches it.”

“We deny interior passes. Anything that goes into the defense is an interior pass.”

“We don’t switch unless it is part of the defensive plan for a game. We will do it if the scouting report dictates it.”

“Get everybody to mentally be a part of your defense. If you can do that, you are in business. You can’t have three or four players guarding.”

“Scouting is very important. Knowing where people score and how they score is very important, so you need shot charts. If you don’t, you can get the wrong idea of how you should cover someone.”

“On your half-court defense, if you are going to play man, that’s fine. If you are going to play zone, that’s fine. I think it’s good to have a secondary defense because it can change the tempo of the game. If you let teams get into a rhythm, they will beat you. You need to find a way to change the tempo of the game.”

“The whole this with your defense is this: Your defense is how hard you work. It must be effort.”

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