Mid-Week with Yogi

Since it’s the middle of the week, I figured it would be a great time for some of Yogi Berra’s best quotes from his book “What Time Is It? You Mean Now?” to get us over the “hump”:

“If you don’t set goals, you’ll never reach them.” (p. 40)

“90% of this game is half mental.” (p. 45)

“Little things are big.” (p. 69)

“Paying attention to the basics – in baseball, it’s the fundamentals – is a little thing that’s a big thing.” (p. 70)

“You can observe a lot by watching – and you learn a lot too.” (p. 73)

“To me failure is just an opportunity to start again.” (p. 92)

“There’s a big difference between losing and failure.” (p. 117)

“I try not to get too upset over things I can’t control.” (p. 130)

“It’s deja vu all over again.” (p. 137)

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