10 Reasons How You Know You Are a College Basketball Fan

10. You write it off as “work”.

9. You consider buying multiple 60″ flatscreens to view the games.

8. You give your television a good cleaning an hour before the Thursday games start because you realize it is going to get a “good workout” in.

7. You prepay your electric bill in February/March and watch the weather fiercely to make sure there will be NO interruptions during the games.

6. You stand up when you watch games.

5. You have an tablet, phone and two televisions all going so you can watch all the tournaments games at the same time.

4. You do the have done the “arrow” or “three goggles” when your team hits a trifecta.

3. You know the mascot for every low major.

2. You start sweating during the game you are watching (not like Sean Miller though!)sweat2_0

1. You are allowed to go to the Final Four in lieu of your wife’s birthday!

Any more? What silly things have you done?

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