Thanks for the Reminder, Wade

With the Super Bowl just hours away, it is clear that the two questions that everyone is focusing on is:
1. Will Peyton Manning be effective?
2. How will Wade Phillips, Denver Broncos defensive coordinator, stop NFL MVP, Cam Newton?

Phillips, the recently named AP NFL Assistant Coach of the Year, is an integral piece to the outcome of the game. Phillips leads the NFL’s best defense and has a chance to do what most think is impossible, stop the one loss Carolina Panthers.

Phillips is the son of NFL legend Bum Phillips, and was an NFL head coach for both the Bills and Cowboys, but was written off as not having the moxie to be a head coach due to his lack of playoff success. Phillips and NFL-lifer was given another chance to show is prowess as a defensive coordinator with the Broncos this season and the rest is history.

It is remarkable to think that as Phillips himself stated on his twitter account ” @sonofbum: Good year for me from unemployed to the Super Bowl!”.

Good luck Coach Phillips. I am glad you got another chance to do what you love. All the best today and thank you for inspiring other coaches who, like you, just need a chance to thrive.

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