What Hack-A-Shaq Rules Changes Could Result In

NBA Commissioner wants to make changes to the “Hack-A-Shaq” rule that is plaguing the league this season (see article for Hack-A-Shaq stats and Silver’s direct quote).

Some will applaud the change the game is unwatchable now, while others will say, it’s only happening to a few select players and that they should improve their free throw accuracy.

Either way, I see a few things coming from this:

  1. Coaches will coach “Hack-A-Players” much differently – That is coaches who have these players will not be “afraid” to put them in before the two shot and possession penalty as they currently are.
  2. Players value will increase – Players who are poor free throw shooters but who are great defensively, on the glass, etc. will have an increased value in free agency once again.
  3. Coaches will find a new was to coach versus “Hack-A-Players” – I suggest that NBA coaches will merely be more physical with potential “Hack-A-Players”. That is when they get the ball, they will foul them on the floor hard/more obvious, in order to get a foul called. This could result in more fights and/or ejections, retaliations, etc.

The rules can change, however, Commissioner Silver cannot really take the fouling of bad free throw shooters completely out of the game. Moreover, the results may not be what he intended.

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