Your Culture Needs to Be ‘Orca’ Strong

Usually when coaches talk about “culture” they are describing their philosophy and what their program represents.

However, it’s not just sports teams or even human society that has strong culture.

Virginia Morell’s article on orcas ( gave me a new perspective on what a strong culture is truly built on.

The variety of resident, transient and offshore Orca is a testament to how their culture spans the entire ocean and now well adapted they are in all types of climates.

A National Geographic “The Whale that Ate Jaws” documentary even analyzes how orcas most likely have deduced tonic immobility in sharks and stingrays, that have allow orcas to kill expand their diet.

The orcas’ communication within their groups/pods, adaptability to their surroundings and ability to learn/be coached is a great lesson for coaches to share.

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