A Short Thank You Note to Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Coach Kelsey,

Thank you for having the courage to call your players out and women’s basketball in general. This needed to be said and I hope you have received positive feedback from others involved in women’s basketball for your sentiment.

Simply stated and passionate.

All the best,

~Bert DeSalvo

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More Legendary than Peyton

With Super Bowl L (L is roman numeral 50) on the horizon, one of the narratives is how Peyton Manning may be able to ride off into the sunset, like his boss, John Elway did.

Manning, at age 39, broke into the league in 1998 with the Colts and the rest is NFL history.

However, there is even an more remarkable story of greatness and longevity in pro sports…it’s called Jaromir Jagr.

Jagr, who is currently 43 (44 in February) has his team in first place in their division and ranks second in points and goals on the Florida Panthers. Jagr has been on an NHL roster since 1990. He will soon compete at the NHL All-Star game once again.

Jagr may be know for his mullet, big smile and his early 90’s Penguins Stanley Cup championship teams. However, his work ethic is should not be overlooked and his late night routine has become legendary.

Just as fans flocked to catch Kobe and Peyton his season, be sure to go see Jagr in person this season before it’s too late.

Then again, he may have several great years left.

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Super Bowl Champion Rankings

Here is an article from USA Today that will surely spark debate.

Here is the list: Super Bowl Champion Rankings 1-49

What ones do you agree with? Disagree with? Leave your feedback below.

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10 Reasons You’re Program Is Not Rich Yet

Money magazine’s Jocelyn Black Hodes’ article “10 Reasons You’re Not Rich Yet” is not only about financial worth but also can pertain to your organization or personal life.

Here is how each point can be interpreted for coaches:

#1 – You Spend Money Like You Are Already Rich – We all have budgets, so stay within yours or it may cost you (your job!) in the long run

#2 – You Don’t Have a Plan – What is your ultimate goal? You need to answer this question realistically so you can plan accordingly (recruiting, player development, fund raising, etc.)

#3 – You Don’t Have an Emergency Plan – What if someone gets sick? What if a player is injured? Who will step in and take over? Head coaches must have plans for these emergencies. Not only will they help their program get through this difficult time, but they will have strengthened their leadership skills and reputation.

#4 – You Started Late – If you don’t have a plan or solid philosophy, you better get one!

#5 – You’d Rather Complain Than Commit – There is nothing worse than having complainers around to infect others. Get rid of complainers and if it is you that is doing the complaining, you should ask yourself, “why do I coach?”

#6 – You Live For Today in Spite of Tomorrow – Always keep the future in mind. Just because you are on a winning streak now it will definitely come to an end. Prepare for rainy days by having a long-term vision of how you see the program in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, etc.

#7 – You’re a One Trick Investor – You must be versatile in your program. Give each member (players and coaches) the ability to work outside their comfort zone to expand their abilities and confidence.

#8 – You Don’t Automate – Use technology to your advantage: set schedules, reminders, call/facetime to build networking relationships, create your brand, etc.

#9 – You Have No Sense of Urgency – What time is better than now? Procrastination is the enemy of greatness. If there is something that you do not particularly like to do, then make sure it is a strength of someone else on your staff.

#10 – You’re Easily Influenced – As the leader of the program, you have to have a “filter.” Filter out the junk and keep the valuables. Be a 49er!

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