In Retrospect: Chip Kelly

With Chip Kelly’s firing just hours ago, it reminded me of an article that was written about him earlier this year:

Chip Kelly’s fearless coaching mind driving Eagles’ roster overhaul –  5/25/15 – Greg Bedard

Then you have tonight’s article on his firing:

Chip Kelly’s sudden firing suggests some difficult truths – 12/29/15

So which is true? Is he a genius ahead of his time or someone who’s vision how football is to be played at the NFL level is not sustainable?

Either way, he did it his way and was supported by the front office during his brief tenure. As a head coach, that is all you can ask for. Although, I’m sure he wishes he had another year.

Don’t we all.

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2 comments on “In Retrospect: Chip Kelly

  1. jay Carroll says:

    Should have stuck with him 1 more season. Didn’t do great but at times they looked good

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