Holiday “Returns” for Coaches

‘Tis the season…to return all the clothes that don’t fit, the Blu-Rays that you already have or that one thing that you will never, ever use.

To keep with the spirit of the holidays, here are three things that coaches should return for the holidays:

  1. Poor free throw shooting: This is an easy one. It is the only shot in the game that the defense can’t play defense on your shooter and your end of game players can’t make it? Even if it is not an end of the game player, free throws missed in the 1st half matters just the same in the final outcome of the game. Come on! Get your players the gym, try new techniques and work on this skill so that opposing teams do not have a distinct advantage throughout the contest.
  2. Play players who know your system: How much does playing a player who does not know the sets/schemes hurt team chemistry, compromise your authority and build a culture of excuse making? Ask yourself, “Is it worth playing this player?”
  3. Exhibit enthusiasm: It can be a long season…especially if you are not winning your share of games. As a coach, it is your responsibility to energize your group and set the tone for the final stretch. You will be surprised by what some positive energy can bring to your bunch.

What I like about all of these “Returns” is that YOU can control all of them. They don’t require a budget, just a little bit of creativity and some mental toughness.

What would your three “returns” be?

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