The Big Ticket’s New Role

In the most recent issue of ESPN the Magazine, Jackie MacMullen wrote a piece on Kevin Garnett’s evolving role with the Minnesota Timberwolves   (“The Cruel Tutelage of Kevin Garnett – Jackie MacMullan – ESPN the Magazine – 12-7-15“).

MacMullen shares some great stories to add to the legend of KG and his ultra-intense personality.

Garnett acknowledges that “I don’t mind being the OG (old generation/old guard). It’s what I am. I’m starting to see my purpose. Every day, it’s clearer and clearer to me.”

For Garnett, who hates to even take a practice off (MacMullen shares a GREAT story of Garnett with the Celtics and Doc Rivers threat to him), the change is constant and Garnett is continuing to accept his role and excel in it.

In addition, MacMullen shares maybe the best Garnett quote of all-time: “You can’t teach the beast. It’s either in you or it isn’t. You can’t just go to the store and buy a six-pack of beast. It don’t work like that.”

The biggest thing I took out of this article was that if KG, one of the top 50 players to ever play the game, can take a diminished role on the court for the betterment of his team, then anyone should be able to do this.

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