PBL’s Jamestown Jackals Use Thankful Approach in Their First Season of Play

Jamestown Jackals owner Kayla Crosby, who leads one of the newest franchises in the Premier Basketball League (PBL), shared this Michael Hyatt article with me on Thanksgiving Day.

Hyatt’s article “Why Giving Thanks Gives You An Edge“, describes why being thankful is important and can help parents, leaders, athletes, businesspeople, etc. in their daily lives.

What stuck with me was Hyatt’s notion that, “positive emotions like gratitude help us become more resilient. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met anyone who wins at very much for very long without resiliency.”

Resiliency is a must in every level of athletics and in life. I think most would agree with this sentiment. However, using positive emotion as the primary means to becoming more resilient can be disputed I suppose.

Nevertheless, Crosby, the 20-something owner of the non-profit Jackals, has already adopted a unique positive approach to build resiliency in her organization.

Her #IntegrityFirst motto is “Stop Surviving, Start Thriving”. This slogan is meant to be a way of professional conduct and life for the fledgling Jackals.

It is refreshing to see a young entrepreneur adopt such a positive approach in the competitive world of professional sports.

At the professional level especially, wins and losses can be the difference between players and coaches losing their jobs, franchises remaining afloat, and leagues being profitable. Undoubtedly, the Jackals will have quite a task ahead of them as the need for positive energy will be tested throughout their first season.

However, this resiliency will manifest not due to creative slogans but because of Crosby, her coaching staff, her support staff, the players the Jackals sign and the Jamestown (NY) community. It will truly be about the people in the organization and the community and their ability to be grateful, positive and enthusiastic no matter what the situation may be.

Hyatt notes, “we feel better, perform better, and respond to life’s ups and downs better when we’re grateful.”

Now to find people who can actually do it on a daily basis.

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