Reap the Coaching Profits: A Lesson from Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis, star of CNBC’s The Profit, reveals some great lessons for entrepreneurs in an article by INC’s Burt Helm (INC. article).

At the INC. 5000 seminar in Orlando,  Lemonis spoke before an packed audience an encouraged them to open up. He noted that “the people that were vulnerable, that opened up themselves, is your likelihood of doing business with them greater in this moment than before they opened up their mouths? Yes.”

Lemonis emphasized that vulnerability is good business.

Just as business leaders must show vulnerability to build stronger bonds with their distributors, manufacturers and customers, so too must coaches build meaningful relationships with those that affect their programs.

Whether it is the President, athletic director, administrative staff, student-athletes, etc., coaches who show vulnerability to those they come in contact with will undoubtedly make connections with these individuals and which can only strengthen their chances of a successful season and tenure.

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