#Hashtags and Slogans

This recent article ( Dabo Swinney – Sports Illustrated 11-16-15, Brian Hamilton ) by Sports Illustrated’s Brian Hamilton sheds some light on Clemson Football Head Coach, Dabo Swinney, and how he has built the #1 ranked Clemson Tigers.

Swinney amongst other things uses some clever acronyms to get the attention of his players (i.e. “P.A.W.” – Passionate About Winning, “A.L.L.I.N.” – Attitude, Leadership, Legacy, Improvement, New Beginnings, “B.Y.O.E.” – Bring Your Own Energy) and to emphasize certain aspects of his program.

Just like Swinney, most high school, college and professional coaches have used key words, acronyms or sayings to spark emotion in their team.

What slogans/sayings have you used? Please comment below and share what has worked for you and your program.

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One comment on “#Hashtags and Slogans

  1. Cy Fulton says:

    Anything you can do to help your players, staff, etc. buy in to your program, the better. We used acronyms like H-O-P-E (Help Our Players Evolve) & every member of our program must choose a business title – I’m the CEO, & they choose a title that they want to be held accountable for, like CAO, Chief Assists Officer. We put those titles under each player & staff’s pictures. We also prefer to use our own Unique Terminology so they know We Are Unique in everything we do.

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