Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 107 – DeSalvo Article

I recently published an article for Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 107 regarding AAU/High School student-athletes transferring to other programs.

I would like to thank all of those who were kind enough to give their feedback on this topic for this publication.

I appreciate Mark Katarski (Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Seton Hill University), Dave Saur (Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, UMass-Lowell) and Jeff Osterman (Associate Head Women’s Basketball Coach, University of South Florida) for their expertise and perspective on this subject matter. Their opinions and experiences give the article a tremendous amount of credibility.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Joe Ticotsky, Director of the CT Starters AAU program. I respect Coach Ticotsky’s opinion immensely and it is one that parents and players should also strongly consider.

Lastly, another special thanks to Ulysses Garcia and Heather Glezen, Co-Directors of the CT Attack AAU program who I had some great conversations with about this topic and helped inspire me to write this piece.

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