Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 103 – DeSalvo Article

This took a some courage to pen, but it represents what I am about. I wanted to show my character and also help other coaches who may be going through similar experiences.

Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 103

Also, I wanted especially thank Mike Austin for his kind words on page two of this issue. His emails/texts have been uplifting and I am happy to call him a friend.

Thank you Mike and Basketball Coach Weekly for all that you do for the game and its coaches at all levels.

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2 comments on “Basketball Coach Weekly – Issue 103 – DeSalvo Article

  1. Joe Saptalia says:

    I am a bit confused with your article about getting fired. You were an ‘INTERIM’ coach… correct? You were basically GIVEN the job from an old URI friend? When the administration changed, and the job opened for applications, you applied… correct? So you were never selected from a pool of candidates for the job to begin with? I just don’t understand?… do you feel entitled to receive the job eventhough you were passed-over? You feel hard work earns you a job? Most coaches work hard…
    Don’t use social media to represent a false sense of the action, be honest, be real, be accountable, this isn’t a dream world.

    • Joe,

      Thanks for reading and your feedback.

      I think you would understand better if you had all of the facts about my personal situation. In fairness to you, you do not have the details as the article was not meant to discuss my personal situation, but rather to help give coaches some ideas if they are to get let go/fired/not rehired, etc. BCW editor, Mike Austin, thought it would be helpful for his readers and asked for my feedback.

      Hope this helps,


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