It’s More Than Just a Show

In less than a half an hour, “A Season with Notre Dame Football” premieres on Showtime. This marks an unprecedented behind the scenes look at one of the nation’s best college football programs.

This concept has been done before. In 2012, ESPN aired “All-Access Kentucky” which profiled John Calipari’s Wildcats the season after they won the 2011-12 NCAA National Championship. The show was mainly centered on Calipari’s effort to mold his next cast of new, highly touted freshmen to a championship level (this of course did not happen and their season ended with a 59-57 loss at Robert Morris (PA) University).

However, this Notre Dame Football venture with Showtime feels different. First, the fact that it is airing on Showtime and not ESPN or cable television, lends itself to more “behind-the-scenes” possibilities. Language and content will not have to be edited as much and a true feel for the Notre Dame program will be able to be seen by their alum, fans and future recruits.

And it is with recruits that this series can truly have an impact on the college football landscape and Notre Dame Football. Notre Dame has been resurrected to a certain extent since Brian Kelly’s hiring, however even with a National Championship appearance, Notre Dame Football still feels antiquated at times. Their tradition is rich and always present. However, with some top recruits from Florida, Texas and California more apt to stay in warm weather climates versus attending a school from South Bend, Indiana, whose history is of individual sthey have mostly never heard of, “A Season with Notre Dame Football” looms large to expand recruits conceptions of Notre Dame’s storied past. Mostly though it is an opportunity to reveal Coach Kelly’s willingness to adapt to this generation of recruits and see him in action interacting with his current student-athletes.

What better way to reach recruits and be cutting edge then to be on Showtime, the home of shows they watch such as “Homeland”, “Inside the NFL”, and “Jim Rome on Showtime”?

Obviously not all college programs have the opportunity to be on Showtime, however, the most important concept to realize is that college coaches must adapt….Adapt or fade into the past.

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