Pops and The Art of War

I recently read the article, “Gregg Popovich and The Art of War” by Jesse Blanchard that he wrote on Popvich and how the Spurs transformed themselves. Using “The Art of War”as the basis of the Spurs’ new philosophy, Blanchard conveys how the Spurs adapted to their personnel.

It made me smile when I read this because I feel, even at the college level, that not all coaches are willing to adapt to their players. Coaches would rather have others adjust to them.

This “old school” mentality and stubbornness needs to shift.

This year, we ran offense that I had never run before as our primary offense. I felt as though if I had run what I have traditionally implemented, we would not had be been as successful. Therefore i made the change.

I believe it is our job as coaches to adjust to our players and put them in the best position to be successful.

If Pops is willing to adjust, we all should be able to.

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