Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Today was a fantastic day for our program. Not just because all four of our freshman arrived safely to campus but because examples of our championship culture were on full display.

First, juniors Nicole Grossbard, Jackie Beathea and Danielle Powell had the privilege to help fellow students move-in this afternoon. It was a great example of our program interacting with a different cohort of students and getting a chance to give their time up to support others and lend a helping hand.


Just as important another junior, Jackie Deens, made sure our freshmen (left to right) Chandler Williams, Kendra Meredith, Paige Decker and Chloe Brinton, felt welcome in West Hall (#WESTUP) by sending them an awesome gift basket.



Plain and simple, our upperclassmen get our culture – It’s making small sacrifices for the sake of others. It’s appreciating what you have and sharing that appreciation with others.

One last thing that a player shared with me…



She knows who she is…I just wanted to show that I appreciate her.



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