How Student-Athletes Can Help Themselves in the Recruiting Process

I went to evaluate an AAU practice last evening and during the practice the Head Coach came up to me and asked “What do you look for in a recruit?” 

I told her “Great question.” 

My first response was that first the player has to be of caliber and have a certain skill set in order to even be considered. If they do pass the “eye test”, then other factors come into play. 

She then asked me another great question. “How can players help their cause in the recruiting process?”

Here are some things that PSA’s can do to help their cause during the recruiting process:


1. Respond Quickly to College Coaches 

There is nothing worse as a college head coach than having to wait to receive NCAA Clearinghouse numbers, unofficial/official transcripts, game tape, etc. I want PSA’s who are eager to be a part of our program and show me by responding quickly to my requests. 

Being sharp and on point with paperwork and deadlines is very important especially for coaching staffs with limited resources and time. If players can handle this aspect during the recruiting process then more than likely then will be able to handle the rigors of balancing college academics, college basketball and social life.

2. Attend College Basketball Games

I believe that PSA’s do not have an accurate picture of what it means to be a college basketball player. I encourage all PSA’s to watch D1, D2 and D3 college basketball games in order to self evaluate their skill set. Only by doing this will PSA’s know what it takes to compete at a certain levels of college basketball. 

3. Introduce Yourself

College coaches attend numerous recruiting events where they evaluate countless PSA’s. Differentiate yourself. Reach out to college coaches with thoughtful mailings and emails. Coaches are human; they also like to feel wanted in the recruiting process so showing them interest can be helpful for PSA’s.

In addition, I know from personal experience that I do my best to respond to each and every email I get from PSA’s regarding their interest. Although many do not have the ability to play at our level, some do and that initial connection and persistence that the PSA may make, can make all the difference. 

These factors, along with other criteria specific to each coaching staff/program, will definitely have a major impact on the recruiting process for many PSA’s who are competing for limited scholarship and roster spots in the competitive world of college basketball.

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