Daylight Savings Leads to Something More For Coaches

With daylight savings upon us and that extra hour in our pockets, it got me thinking “What will I do with that hour?”

Some of us sleep in, others go for a run, and others may do some cooking. Whatever the case may be, most of us try to do something that we usually do not get to during the normal course of the day.

Now let’s look at this question from the perspective of a coach. There are so many things that we as coaches do not get to during the course of a day, week, or month. In turn, we constantly tell ourselves that we want to make that missed component a priority.

I believe it is important to identify a piece of your program that is lacking and addressing this weakness by making a concerted effort to improve upon this deficiency.

My question to coaches is this, If you had an extra hour each week, how would you allocate that time? Would you spend it recruiting? Team building? Reading? Watching game tape? Individual improvement with players? Or would we not use it at all and spend time with our families?

I appreciate your feedback and am anxious for coaches to share their thoughts with the coaching community! Please share this with your coaching colleagues so we can have a broad perspective.

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