“The Truth” is Real

In recent weeks, the sports world has been overwhelmed with stories about criminal activities, steroid clinics and general poor decision making by star athletes.

The media tends to focus in on these stories and rightly so. They are newsworthy and draw interest. However, I wanted to touch upon a simple gesture that may have gone unnoticed.

Yesterday, former Celtics legend, Paul Pierce, tweeted a series of #THANKYOUBOSTON tweets that have not been mentioned (to my knowledge) by anyone in the national media.

What Pierce did was unique. He sent almost 60 tweets, yes 60 tweets, basically as an ode to the Boston organization and Celtics fans. He shared some special moments from his career as a Celtic and reminded his supporters “I cannot say it enough. Boston, you’ll always be a part of who I am” and also reminded basketball fans in general that “hope you guys are enjoying my trip down memory lane cause it’s not over yet #thankyouboston”.

It was a subtle gesture of thanks and appreciation. To all accounts Pierce wanted to remain a Celtic throughout his entire career. However, the business of sports did not allow that to happen, as the Celtics decided to wipe the slate clean and push the reset button.

I am confident that when the Brooklyn Nets visit Boston, Celtic fans will show their gratitude for Pierce for what he has meant to the city and Boston sports history.

Pierce should be recognized by the national media for this simple act. In an era when negative press gets more publicity than positive stories, Pierce’s small gesture is appreciated and refreshing.

“The Truth” never fails.

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