Use BLOB’s Situations as a Weapon

Scoring in Baseline out-of-bound (BLOB) situations can make a huge difference in a game. Think about how many games are decided by just a few points, if you can score (or defend) 4-8 points a game from BLOB’s that can make all the difference.

I see far to many times where the team’s goal is to simply get the ball in-bounds instead of looking to put pressure on the opponents. I feel as though in BLOB situations, it is a great time to put pressure on the opponent because 1) you are very close to your offensive basket, and, 2) it is a unique basketball scenario. The proximity of the rim and the fact that most coaches do not spend tons of time in the BLOB defense, makes this an area of the game you can capitalize on.

That is why having a sound philosophy is key against BLOB’s both offensively and defensively.

What has worked for me in the past is working out of a “Box Set”.

As a Head Coach, I do this for three reasons:

1. Gets us organized efficiently–I always liked to have players in similar spots in the “box set” to get us organized. They tend to be able to run their stuff if they can remember quickly. You can also use hand signals and have players call the plays if you can get orgaized quickly.

2. Tough to scout–If the players are in the same spot in the same starting alignment, it makes it tough to scout on tape (especially in those gyms with bad or no sound when recording…trust me, I’ve seen it more than you care to know). Now this is not to say that you cannot get into a flex set, etc. after the ball has been inbounded, but whatever your alignment, if you keep it the same, if gives you the advantage.

3. Can set opponents up–Some opponents may see this on tape and decide to go zone against you BLOB’s. GREAT! That is when you have them and you can run your best zone BLOBs to really give them headaches.

Decide what works for your team and start with a few BLOB’s that you can expoit your opponents with (mismatches, perimeter shooting, interior scoring, etc.) then build from there. Depending upon the coaches in your conference, you may have to add more sets if you play a double round robin or if you have been coaching against the same coach forever.

To get you thinking, here is a “Box Set” that the Kansas Jayhawks ran during their National Championship run in 2008. This was against the North Carolina Tar Heels on April 5, 2008.

Here it is in diagram form:–5-Sprint&showEmbed=true

This obviously was for a 3pt shot opportunity, however there could be an isolation threat on the ball side of the floor too.

Kansas is great in BLOB situations so I encourage you to watch them as much as possible. They look to attack their opposition, just as you should!

Catch you on the rebound!

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