On my twitter (@CoachDeSalvo) account I started a hashtag, #WhatWinnersDo, a few days ago.

These “isms” are things that I have either heard, witnessed, read, or implemented in my basketball program. I have found that sometimes learning what NOT TO DO as a player or coach is just as important as learning what TO DO.

Here is my complied list of the 100What Winners Do“.

As always your comments are welcome and appreciated!

1. Your way is outdated; mine is not #WhatWinnersDo

2. You complain; I find solutions #WhatWinnersDo

3. You lose interest; I keep them hungry #WhatWinnersDo

4. They fall asleep in your film session; they ask questions in mine #WhatWinnersDo

5. Your team has no identity; Mine knows who they are #WhatWinnersDo

6. Your team practices to get done; my team practices to get better #WhatWinnersDo #GetBetterDaily

7. Your team prepares during warmups; my team prepares in practice days before #WhatWinnersDo

8. Your team is weak minded; my team is galvanized #WhatWinnersDo

9. Your team shies away; mine is aggressive and takes control #WhatWinnersDo

10. Your team has one captain; my team is full of leaders #WhatWinnersDo

11. You can’t make adjustments; I thrive on them #WhatWinnersDo

12. You do the same thing everyday and expect different results; I keep it exciting and interesting #WhatWinnersDo

13. You are plain; I am ultra creative #WhatWinnersDo

14. You work just enough (or too little); I work my hardest #WhatWinnersDo

15. You are afraid to work hard; I am afraid to fail #WhatWinnersDo

16. You think you love it; I live it #WhatWinnersDo

17. You define complacency; I strive for perfection #WhatWinnersDo

18. You are negative; I am captivating #WhatWinnersDo

19. Your team avoids communication; my team appreciates my charisma #WhatWinnersDo

20. They have no faith in you; They go to battle for me #WhatWinnersDo

21. They see your true colors; They see my passion #WhatWinnersDo

22. You blame them; I take responsibility #WhatWinnersDo

23. You focus on weaknesses; I focus on strengths #WhatWinnersDo

24. You are not concerned with self improvement; I crave it #WhatWinnersDo

25. You see things in absolutes; I see a variety of possibilities #WhatWinnersDo

26. You are narrow-minded; I see all perspectives #WhatWinnersDo

27. You ALWAYS need others opinions; I know I am the leader #WhatWinnersDo

28. You wonder why; I solve why and how #WhatWinnersDo

29. You teach how; I teach the how and the why #WhatWinnersDo

30. You teach basketball; I teach LIFE #WhatWinnersDo

31. You never change; I never want to stay the same #WhatWinnersDo

32. You want wins; I want development #WhatWinnersDo

33. You see limitations; I see endless opportunity #WhatWinnersDo

34. You get comfortable; I stay engrossed #WhatWinnersDo

35. You are lazy; I will never be out worked #WhatWinnersDo

36. You say you work hard; I always think I can work harder #WhatWinnersDo

37. You want great players; I want great players with work ethic #WhatWinnersDo

38. You want players that fit your system; I want players who fit my system…or I will adjust to use their talents #WhatWinnersDo

39. You bring down; I motivate #WhatWinnersDo

40. Your players play in spite of you; my players are inspired by me #WhatWinnersDo

41. Your players play in spite of you; My players play for me #WhatWinnersDo

42. You watch sitcoms; I read and write #WhatWinnersDo

43. You are an introvert; I make personal connections #WhatWinnersDo

44. You create stress; I relieve it #WhatWinnersDo

45. You get through; I get better #WhatWinnersDo #GetBetterDaily

46. You run drills in practice: I execute a system in practice #WhatWinnersDo

47. You run drills to get through practice; I run practice to develop players and to prepare for competition #WhatWinnersDo

48. You are surprised at halftime; We are satisfied #WhatWinnersDo

49. You run as punishment; I run to out score the opponent #WhatWinnersDo

50. Experience is your ally; Ambition is mine #WhatWinnersDo

51. You sleep in; I am productive #WhatWinnersDo

52. You rest on your laurels; I want to accomplish more #WhatWinnersDo

53. You get your fill; I can’t get enough #WhatWinnersDo

54. You feel sorry for yourself; I find ways around obstacles #WhatWinnersDo

55. You say “it’s hard”; I say “it’s possible” #WhatWinnersDo

56. You plateau; I climb higher #WhatWinnersDo

57. You settle; I want more #WhatWinnersDo

58. Your goal is .500; my goal is championships #WhatWinnersDo

59. You stay home: I’m in the gym #WhatWinnersDo

60. You stay home; I hit the recruiting trail #WhatWinnersDo

61. Your players are lazy; my players are hungry #WhatWinnersDo

62. Your players complain; my players encourage #WhatWinnersDo

63. Your players take the short cut; my players understand that hard work pays off #WhatWinnersDo

64. You hate change; I embrace it #WhatWinnersDo

65. You make suggestions; I make decisions #WhatWinnersDo

66. You have a team; I run a program #WhatWinnersDo

67. You think winning just happens; I ensure that it does #WhatWinnersDo

68. You isolate players; I unite players #WhatWinnersDo

69. You create questions; I provide answers #WhatWinnersDo

70. You are insecure because of your weaknesses; I use weaknesses as a way to growth #WhatWinnersDo

71. You have stopped learning; I always ask questions #WhatWinnersDo

72. You see hurdles; I jump over them #WhatWinnersDo

73. You break bonds; I build them #WhatWinnersDo

74. You won’t; I will #WhatWinnersDo

75. You can’t; I can #WhatWinnersDo

76. You try; I do #WhatWinnersDo

77. You are short-term; I am long-term #WhatWinnersDo

78. You think small; I dream big #WhatWinnersDo

79. You want to be great in October; I want to be great in March #WhatWinnersDo

80. You see players; I see people #WhatWinnersDo

81. You think players shape the coaches’ season; I know coaches shape the players’ lives #WhatWinnersDo

82. You can’t say “yes”; I can’t say “no” #WhatWinnersDo

83. You don’t allow swearing on your team; I don’t allow “can’t” in my program #WhatWinnersDo

84. You inhibit your coaching staff’s growth; I allow my coaching staff to develop #WhatWinnersDo

85. You tell your players how hard you work; I want my players to decide how hard I work for them #WhatWinnersDo

86. You plead with you players to play hard; I never have to #WhatWinnersDo

87. You think games are tough; we think practices are tougher #WhatWinnersDo

88. You are worried about the post game meal; we are hungry for our opponent #WhatWinnersDo

89. You have no control in your huddle; All eyes are on me in my huddle #WhatWinnersDo

90. You save timeouts; I use timeouts to make adjustments and give players appropriate rest #WhatWinnersDo

91. You use your clipboard for show; I use my clipboard to show #WhatWinnersDo #GetOrganized

92. You leave the gym early; I never want to leave #WhatWinnersDo

93. You think people should; I think I should #WhatWinnersDo

94. You know only one way; I want to learn many ways and decide which one is best #WhatWinnersDo

95. You think your way is the best; I am continually changing my perspective #WhatWinnersDo

96. You make players have questions; I communicate to eliminate anxiety #WhatWinnersDo

97. You have fifteen individuals on roster; I coach one team #WhatWinnersDo

98. You think it should be easy; I know winning the right way is a challenge #WhatWinnersDo

99. You leave it up to luck; I prepare so nothing is left to chance #WhatWinnersDo

100. Your priorites are skewed; My dream is always on my mind #WhatWinnersDo

I hope you enjoyed my #WhatWinnersDo series.

Have a Happy New Year!

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